Pressed for time? Cardio or Strength?

Pressed for time? Cardio or Strength?

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Working out through the week can be demanding with a full time job and commitments. But if you are lucky enough to schedule a little workout session in between the chaos, you are going to want to make the most out of your opportunistic window; so what do you prioritise?

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Planning a program is most definitely the best way to utilise your time and management. This way you are not loosing time deciding on what to go on and only being left with 10 minuets left to workout. The logical thing that rests in most people's mind is to jump straight onto a treadmill/ bike/ cross ski, hit start and stay there for the full 30 mins. But is this really the best way to make use of your limited time?


The simple answer is no; according to Neom Tamir, a certified strength and conditioning specialist; interval training, a mixture of high intensity cardio and rested strength periods can really get your heart rate increased and develop your endurance and strength. Neom informs us that this method of training is extremely beneficial for our muscular and hormonal systems.

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Whilst it may not feel that way, strength workouts use more energy and muscles than an average 30 minute sprinting session. This is because we develop strength and hypertrophy which transforms our bodies into 'fat burning finances' - according to Don Saladino, Celebrity trainer and owner of Drive Club. Your heart rate does in fact increase during strength training and challenges our cardiovascular system, not unlike a cardio workout.


If you are limited to a selected amount of time to workout, complete strength is not going be completely beneficial for your progress. A full body interval training program is most probably going to be the best tactic, fluctuating from high impact cardio, to strength then possibly ending on squats, presses and pulls to create the tension in your muscles when aiming for a more toned physique. 

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A great assistant to record your calorie intake and fat burning is the 'MyFitnessPal' app. Record your daily food intake, steps and exercise and observe the best advice in weight maintenance, loss and build.


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