The Festival Kit - The essential Packing

The Festival Kit - The essential Packing

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Festivals are the times when you can dress as extravagant as you want and nobody will blink an eye. But if you don't want to wear a mankini and a beard covered in glitter; here are 5 simple steps to looking cool this festival season. 
  1. The Graphic Logo Tee - Instead of the ubiquitous Rolling Stones or Ramones tees, stand out from the crowd with a range of luxury branded logo t-shirts. The simple brand logo game is strong this festival season.

  2. Smart Swim shorts - I know what you're thinking (are there any pools at festivals?) If it's a British festival then most likely not. But what can be guaranteed is the British weather. Quick-drying and flattering in all body types, smart swim shorts are a must this season.
  3. Baseball hats - Stay brand loyal and keep your head protected this season with the trusty baseball cap. In ranges such as Under Armour, EA7 and Adidas Originals. You can party in confidence,  knowing you look great and covered against the sun.

  4. Small Items Bag - The biggest festival mistake, taking a backpack. In a venue filled with thousands of people, you want safety and convenience for your personal belongings. Keep your brand game strong with Lyle & Scot, Nike and EA7 here at Alive and Dirty.



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